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Direct Look International Photocontest 2016
on 2 septiembre, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Nueva nominación. Esta vez doble, en el Direct Look International Photocontest 2016


Dear friends,

The jury of the Direct Look 2016 photo contest summed up the pleminary results and composed the shortlist. The shortlist comprises 20 projects by 18 authors from 7 countries. The jury members and the contest committee would like to thank all participants and congratulate shortlisted authors!


Antonio Aragón Renuncio – Streets of Blood
Antonio Aragón Renuncio – Sanna´m

International Photocontest Direct Look 2016


Odesa//Batumi Photo Days 2016
on 30 agosto, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Nuevo premio. Esta vez en el Odesa/Batumi Photo Days


OPEN CALL for photographers for participation in main exhibition “Territory//Space” in Odessa/Batumi Photo Days (Ukraine and Georgia).

Dear Antonio: We are happy to inform you  that  your work have been selected for the main exhibition “Territory//Space” within the frame of the festival “Odesa//Batumi photo days”. Exhibition is curated by Dr. Charles Merewether (curator od Contemporay Art Galery, Gerogian National Musem) and Ana Riaboshenko (director of Cultural popularization Department at the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia) and will be open on September 10, 2016 . Exhibition will last up to  two weeks period. Please confirm your participation, so our colleagues will contact you  for further details. Thank you. Sincerely.

Irakli Dzneladze. Coordinator of Georgian side Odesa//Batumi Photo Days


Indian Photography Festival 2016
on 23 agosto, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Un nuevo galardón. Esta vez en el Indian Photography Festival 2016


Dear Antonio,
Thank you for your submission to the Indian Photography Festival this year.
We are glad to inform you that your work ”Sanna’m” is selected for the festival. We thank you for your patience in awaiting the results. We received an exceptional amount of high quality works this year, and we needed to put in extra time into the selection process.
We request you to join us during the festival scheduled from 29th September – 09th October 2016. We hope to see you soon.
Curatorial Team
Indian Photography Festival – Hyderabad 2016

The Other Hundred Project 2016
on 14 agosto, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Un nuevo reconocimiento. Esta vez para el The Other Hundred 2016.


Dear Antonio,

I am very happy to inform you that the work you submitted to The Other Hundred Educators has been selected as one of the finalist and will be published in the hardcover book. Congratulations!

The submissions we received -close to 1,000 entries from more than 130 countries and regions, and spanning an incredible array of human experience – were of an astoundingly high quality. Your work, however, stood out to the jury for both its technical excellence and as a powerful example of the themes of The Other Hundred project. We would like to thank you for helping to make this book possible.

Chandran Nair, Project Director, The Other Hundred


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Alfred Fried Photography Award 2016
on 10 agosto, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Una nueva nominación. Esta vez para el Alfred Fried Photography Award 2016.


The shortlist of the Alfred Fried Photography Award 2016: Antonio Aragón Renuncio (Finalist)

The results are: 16.883 images have been submitted from 127 countries. Most submissions came from India, Germany, Russia, USA and Brazil followed by UK, China, Austria, Iran and Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Vietnam, Philippines and Spain. This is a plus of 2.768 images or approx. 20% in comparison to 2015 as 14.115 images from 121 countries have been submitted.

The Alfred Fried Photography Award award ceremony 2016 will be held on 20 September 2016 at the Austrian Parliament.


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Nikon Photo Book 2016
on 3 agosto, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Libro Nikon Profesional 2016.

Gracias al departamento profesional de Nikon, mi trabajo está presente en el importante libro que edita la marca nipona y que reune una selección de los mejores trabajos del año 2015 realizados por fotógrafos que usan cámaras Nikon.

Un verdadero placer y orgullo.

Siena International Photo Awards 2016
on 1 agosto, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Dos nuevos premios. Esta vez en el Siena International Photo Awards 2016.


Dear Antonio. It is with great pleasure we are here to announce that your artwork presented to the Siena International Photo Awards 2016, has received the following recognitions:

Image Title: ”Happiness”        Award: Honourable Mention

Serie Title: ”Sorcière. The Witches. The Soul Eaters”     Award: Remarkable Award

Congratulations! This is an absolutely prestigious outcome based on the incredible quality of the 45,000 images registered with participants from 127 countries around the world.

Due to its outstanding merit, your work has also been chosen to be included in the SIPA official Collective Photo Book entitled “Beyond the Lens” and will also be displayed at the Siena International Photo Awards Exhibition from October 29th to November 30th 2016.

Luca Venturi. Founder & Art Director


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Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) 2016
on 31 julio, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Un nuevo galardón. Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA). HM, 2016.


Dear Antonio Aragon Renuncio,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that your work has been awarded a winning placement in the MIFA Photo Awards 2016! MIFA received thousands of great images from 85 different countries.

MIFA asked the Jury Panel to review each submission based on the following criteria: originality, creativity, composition and most importantly overall impact. The identity of participating photographers are hidden from the jury to ensure fairness and integrity of the MIFA competition.
You can check all MIFA’16 Winners here.
The 40 Main Category Winners will be exhibited from 20 July – 7 August in Na Kashirke Gallery in Moscow. All other winners will be projected on screen. To see the list of winners’ included in exhibition click here.
Congratulations on your great work!

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Lens Culture Magazine. Video-Interview
on 30 junio, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Vídeo entrevista en la prestigiosa LENS CULTURE Magazine.


In 2016, Antonio Aragón Renuncio, a passionate and dedicated Spanish photojournalist, won the $120,000 grand prize in the Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA) competition in Dubai. His picture was chosen as best embodying the theme, “Happiness.”

Taking home the HIPA purse, one of the largest cash prizes for photography in the entire world, was a shocking contrast for Renuncio. As a storyteller who has dedicated his career to showing his viewers painful and difficult subjects in some of the world’s least documented areas, his selection in Dubai provided an unexpected platform from which share his work.

In this short video interview, Renuncio talks more about his projects, including the prize-winning image, and about life on the road as a photojournalist. Enjoy!



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Better Photography Magazine
on 30 mayo, 2016  by Antonio Aragon Renuncio  has No Comment

Hoy hacen referencia a nuestro trabajo en la prestigiosa Better Photography Magazine